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The Peñin Guide raises the Txakoli of Biscay to new heights

In its latest issue it describes the 2010 vintage as “outstanding” and awards 88 or more points to 25 txakolis of Biscay, eight of which eight exceeded the 90 points mark.

Particularly striking is the fact that, for the first time in its 22 issues, the Peñín Guide has awarded 92 points to a txakoli of any of the three denominations of origin. Specifically, it has been the Doniene which is fermented in a cask of Gorrondona (Bakio) which has earned the historic distinction. Also, Señorío de Otxaran, Marko, Uriondo which is cask fermented and Itsas mendi Urezti have also been given a rating of 91 points.

But, what is truly remarkable are the excellent ratings obtained by the wide range of Biscayan trademarks and vineyards, as it assumes that the elaboration of excellent txakolis does not belong only to a small handful couple of vineyards, but rather to the majority of Biscayan wines which have a very reputable quality.

This prestigious guide maintains that “Bizkaiko Txakolina is demonstrating its predominant place in the txakolinero (“txakoli-producers”) world, positioning itself as an excellent quality and character alternative within the national wine arena and, gradually also internationally”.

Lastly, it emphasises “the aging capacity of its wines and its potential to ferment in casks” Therefore, the 2010 vintage was awarded the rating of “outstanding”.

Ipar Kutxa (II edition) Awards

Fortunately, this recognition of the exceptional quality of the Biscayan txakolis is leading an ever-increasing presence in bars and restaurants.

But to fully enjoy our txakolis it is necessary that the restaurateur dispenses an appropriate service. Precisely for this reason, the Regulatory Council and Ipar Kutxa have joined forces to reward excellence in serving txakoli of Biscay.

A second edition of the event which will take place this year, to which the twelve bars which have been finalists in the “bar” category and the four restaurants in the “table” category will be attending. It will be held next Monday, that is, the 28th, when the winners will be announced in the awards ceremony which will be held in Mendibile Palace from 7.30pm onwards.

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