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Presentation of the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

Bizkaiko Txakolina already has a new strategic plan which contains the salient guidelines for the sector for the next 5 years.

Once having expired the previous plan drafted by the Regional Council of Biscay for the 2005-2010 period, the drawing up of a new strategic plan had become necessary so as to set objectives and action plans for the new five year  2011-2015 period, both for the A.O. itself, as well as all the organisations involved therein (traders, institutions,…).

Following a thorough analysis of the internal situation of the sector and the environment in which it competes, a diagnostic was established and, from that starting point, the strategic planning which defines the guidelines and action plans for each of the five defined areas was addressed: viticulture, vineyards and business management, product, marketing and communications and sector performance.

A total of 77 actions were set and which were aligned as regards to the nine action plans:  professionalization, operational efficiency, sizing, quality, differential image, commercial deployment, innovation, cooperation and structuring and more.

Broadly speaking, the most decisive conclusions of the different action areas are as follows:

  • Improvement and professionalization of the vineyards. The Council will work to ensure that the vineyards are able to have qualified advisory services with which to develop business and marketing plans tailored to their particular needs.
  • Product. It is necessary bear upon improving quality, while maintaining the tipicity of the txakoli. That is, the txakoli de Bizkaia (Txakoli of Biscay) must be a high-end wine whilst maintaining that personality which makes it unique and different. To this end, the Council must establish more restrictive quality criteria in the wine tasting and rating processes.
  • Marketing and Communication. The development of an operational marketing plan is established as a priority in this area, a plan that determines the actions to be undertaken, both in Biscay as well as in other markets within the State. It has also been determined that the need to communicate the very complicated weather and orographical conditions in which wine growing in Biscay is prepared – mountain viticulture - must be insisted upon. Finally, the need to continue the campaign on the fight against and exposure of the fraudulent use of the term “txakoli” was set.
  • Sector actions. As regards to the joint actions of all the stakeholders in the sector, the Strategic Plan includes two basic recommendations. One, not to increase the productive base until verifying the response of the hectares planted as a result of the previous plan. The other recommendation is to create an inter-professional committee as a new sectoral representation body. Thus, a more efficient and professional structure for the Biscay wine sector will be achieved.

For the monitoring and implementation of the guidelines contained in the new Strategic Plan, the Regulatory Council has created a commission. The commission will work with various institutions and government entities related to the sector and will be responsible for looking for funding in order to develop the plan.

The drawing up of this plan has meant for the Regulatory Council and all its associates a careful reflection concerning everything surrounding the viability of the sector and has indeed ratified the commitment to excellence as the main argument to achieve the positioning and market share so as to face the future with optimism.

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