Bizkaiko Txakolina. Consejo Regulador. Denominación de Origen

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About us

Family wine cellar sita in Muxika, in the Reserve of the Biosphere of Urdaibai, is dedicated to the elaboration of Txakoli, under the denomination of Origin Bizkaiko Txakolina. In the same vineyard is found built the wine cellar, being carried out in the property all the works that form part of the elaboration of the Txakoli.

We include own machinery for the complete elaboration of the vine and the maintenance of the vineyard and field, as well as modern technology and methods of adequate fermentation for the obtaining of a Txakoli of quality. A continuous monitoring of the works executed is carried out without losing the connection among the processes of elaboration of the products marketed. We consider important the to complete the circle of transformation of the grape in Txakoli in the property, characteristic this of quality, what a notable degree of satisfaction contributes us, upon guaranteeing the elaboration of a natural, traditional, and completely indigenous product, bottled in the Property and by the Property; under the certification of quality ISO 9001:2000, since the year 2003, certified by Aenor.

During the year 1995 the career of this wine cellar is initiated by means of the establishment of a surface of 3 Ha. Subsequently new plantations generating were carried out a plot delimited perimeter by streams and roads that permit to define clearly the limits of the property. Currently we include 15 Ha. destined to the production and handling of grape, and is in ours next objective the enlargement of the plantation until meeting a surface of 20 Ha. productive.

Year of Foundation: 2001

Predicted wine cellar of social zone for reception of visits, subject to request or coordination. Seeing Enoturismo.

Barrio Mendibile 42, 48940 LEIOA (BIZKAIA) Tfno.: 94 607 60 71 Fax: 94 607 60 72