Bizkaiko Txakolina. Consejo Regulador. Denominación de Origen

The Vineyard in Bizkaia

The “Chacolí de Bizkaia – Bizkaiko Txakolina” Designation of Origin includes all the municipal districts of the Historical Territory of Bizkaia situated below a height of 400 m. above sea level.

The vines are cultivated on hillside soils at an average height of 50 – 200 m. above sea level, sheltered from the north winds and in areas with maximum exposure to sunlight to help the ripening of the grapes.

Our vineyard has the following agricultural and climatic conditions:

  • The particular geographical situation and the lie of the land of the valleys and mountains from northwest to southeast favour exposure to sunlight.
  • The cool summer temperatures due to the effect of the sea favour a slow ripening process.
  • A rainfall of around 1000 – 1300 mm., higher in winter, spring and part of autumn.
  • The frequency of the south winds in autumn, which is ideal for the correct ripening of the grape.
  • A variety of soils, generally not very deep, slightly acidic with a clay-loam texture on limestone rock and marls.
  • A humid, warm Atlantic climate. Although it is an area with less light owing to the clouds and condensation, the vineyard receives more hours of sunshine due to the fact that it is located on land with a special orientation.
  • Grapes are usually cultivated on a trellis, with a plantation layout of between 3 x 1.5 m. and 2.5 x 1.10 m.

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