Bizkaiko Txakolina. Consejo Regulador. Denominación de Origen

Special Wines

The existence of a dynamic and innovative collective of wineries has brought about the emergence, within the forms of elaboration with which one works, of new types of wines that some years ago had seemed unthinkable within this designation.

They are new types of wine that do not coincide in their manner of elaboration or in their sensory characteristics with the traditional txakoli. Therefore, it was decided to include them as Wine protected and controlled under the Regulations of this Designation, but in an Additional Provision at the end of the Regulations, in which it specifies that on the label these wines cannot make use of the traditional complementary indication “Chacolí / Txakoli / Txakolina”.

Specifically the new indications are:

  • "Vendimia Tardía": They are wines elaborated with over-ripe grapes, produced in registered vineyards, and with an alcoholic content over 15% Vol. They have an ageing period in oak barrel, whose duration is set by the Regulatory Council according to the characteristics of the harvest. Of a golden yellow colour, with greenish and lemon tones being able to appear. To the nose they present intense and complex aromas, with touches of mature fruit, spices, honey and nuts. On the palate they have a balanced taste, round and oily, with a good aromatic persistence. The aftertaste is long and elegant.
  • "Espumosos": These are wines with an elaboration and ageing process (from the second fermentation to the elimination of the lees, inclusive), realised in the same bottle where the "drawing off" has been done. Its peculiarity that makes it different from other wines of this type is that the base wine is exclusively qualified txakoli. Furthermore, the filling of the bottles at the time of the disgorgement will be done excluisvely with this same wine. Colour that goes from straw yellow to golden yellow, being able to present greenish brilliance. Clean and bright, with persistent detachment of bubbles. Aromas of medium intensity, fresh and fruity, being able to be completed with secondary aromas. On the palate they are fresh wines, with an adequate balance between acidity and sugar. They present touches that combine the fruity ones (citric, pineapple) with shades of nuts.

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