Bizkaiko Txakolina. Consejo Regulador. Denominación de Origen

Wellcome to Bizkaiko Txakolina

Designation of Origin Regulatory Council

Welcome to the Institutional Page of the Regulatory Council of Designation of Origin "Txakoli de Bizkaia – Bizkaiko Txakolina", an entity entrusted with protecting and supervising the authenticity of the wine elaborated by the registered wineries.

In it you can find all the information on this particular wine, fruit of a land that looks towards the sea.

You can also organise an itinerary through the wineries in which you will get to know firsthand the land and the climate that, together with the work of our producers and winemakers, make it possible for our txakoli to exist.

In summary, we want it to be your door to a green world, little known, of small dimensions and great wines. It is sure to surprise you. see more


The Mugarra restaurant, in the "Table" category, and the Portuberri Barria and Patxi Larrocha bars, in the " Bar" category, are the winners of the 5th Laboral Kutxa-Bizkaiko Txakolina Prizes.

On 12 November, in Mendibile, the prizes of the First Literary Short Story Contest of "Txakoli of Biscay - The Spirit of the Alhóndiga" were given out.  And it is because our Txakoli is also a source of inspiration for writers.

More News

Seven Bizkaiko Txakolina wineries achieve excellence in scoring over 90 points in the Peñin Guide

The prestigious wine guide describes the 2013 vintage as "Very good". Several of the highest scoring txakolis belong to previous vintages, demonstrating the good evolutionary capacity of this wine.

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The ARIMA of Gorka Izaguirre best sweet wine for prizes WINES FROM SPAIN

The Arima of Gorka Izaguirre has been chosen as the best sweet wine in Spanish 2014 edition of the awards Wines From Spain

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